Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Design Career

Throughout my schooling at Brigidine College Randwick I learnt the wonders of the art world from the combined mixed media of Robert Rauschenberg even to the unpredictability of Frank Gehry. It was these select few that inspired me to develop my own unique style that allowed me to gain a greater understanding and true appreciation for the beauty of the artistic process undertaken to transform ideas in artistic forms

My curious nature and peculiar imagination would often find me challenging the concepts of artists, why certain decisions were made and their intentions portrayed through their works of art. This lead to questioning not just artworks but also why objects existed in their form, how they operate and their purpose. Due to my pattern of thought in combination with my interest in the art world would eventually lead me to make the decision of selecting to become a designer and study Industrial Design at UNSW.

When the time came to submit our UAC preferences for the course that we wanted to study I was still quite confused in which path of study I wanted to pursue. I was interested in a few of the courses in the Built Environment Faculty at UNSW, where I had heard many stories of the achievements that students who had attended were able to achieve. Although there were a few incidents that convinced me to select Industrial Design; one being a friend’s sibling who spoke highly of the course describing what was involved. Another turning point in my decision was when I attended a careers day at UNSW sat down and spoke to Rina Bernabei; who at the time persuaded me that the course was an excellent choice as it would entail discovering new innovative ideas whilst still keeping in touch and expressing my creative side. Although she did mention it would not be easy and that hard work and effort is a necessity, acting as a challenge that I will be able to achieve.

After having experienced and completed the first semester of the course I have enjoyed learning the basic principles and understanding of what becoming industrial designer involves. The new range of skills that I have learnt will benefit me for the future and allow me to explore my interests. One of these main interests is my strong passion for animal welfare and through my education it will allow me to make a difference in this field. Growing up with animals I have experienced the strong bond between an owner and their pet. Unfortunately I have also experienced the feeling of what it is like to loose a pet. I hope to find solutions through creating products to current issues surrounding the well being of animals. My fascination with the art world is another interest that I aspire to explore throughout the future. I plan to design unique artistic inspired products that can express both my own personal style and reflect the style of the artist. I plan to keep designing in the future, utilising the skills I have learned from the Industrial Design course at UNSW.


  1. Having read your blog it was interesting to see that your desire to study industrial design isn't only on the creation of products, but purely based on your passionate interest in animals and how you can create products for animals wellbeing.

  2. I agree with Deon. It's good to see someone with a genuine passion and I hope you can use your creativity to promote animal welfare.

  3. I have also always really loved animals, and I think it is great that this is one of your passions. I hope that this course will enable you in some way to promote animal welfare and achieve your dreams.

  4. i think promoting animal welfare as a basis for design solutions is very original, im sure its not the first but it certainly is not common, i hope you make a difference

  5. WOW! you have a passion for design which i think is great and will encourage you throughout your career. I agree with everyone else that integrating animal welfare into your design career is an interesting and innovative concept so good luck ;) !!